Week 11 – Assessment 3



Since last week I have tried to refine the above image by proceeding to blur out the background, as I had envisaged. This represents the disconnection of the children with their environment as they are too focussed on their own personal devices to take any notice of what is right in front of them. Additionally, I have also incorporated the typography element to my image this week and decided to go with “separation anxiety”. In a way, it represents the children’s’ ‘separation anxiety’ from their devices which can also relate to society as a whole. I chose the font and style specifically to have spaces in between the letter and words to further accentuate my point of disconnection. Although I’m not sure if I want to keep the phrase in the top left hand corner or move it to the middle. I’m also questioning my colour choice… I might change the font to black or a dark grey to blend in with the background. Again, I’m not so sure.


For this image, I have also blurred out the background which I discussed in last week’s blog because I felt as though it would put the subjects at the forefront of the viewer. This way, your focus is drawn to the centre of the frame as your eyes are guided around the image. Subsequently, the viewer comes to the typography element of this image which states “unplug yourself.” I guess this is a type of metaphor that represents what I am trying to illustrate in this image, where people are so focussed on their phones that they occasionally need to take a step back and ‘unplug themselves’ from the digital world.

With a few minor changes and adjustments to go in terms of editing (e.g. font), I hope to refine my images and take on board the feedback I have received to deliver my final products by Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Week 11 – Assessment 3”

  1. For the image separation anxiety the Text style and colour used are both great and eye catching however I feel like the screens the children hold as too small and not as easy to see which makes it harder to connect the text and concept you have behind the image. For image two the tag line is great and the bordering of the power cord is very strong however the blurring of the background has warped the image a little perhaps cropping the image so it shows the women from waist up would let you keep the image clear and move the border and text so they are still visible and noticeable without a lot of empty warped space in between.


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