Week 10 – Assessment 3


Continuing on from last week’s draft, I used the lasso tool on Pixlr to crop the images of the children onto my original photo. I cropped the children from Joe Webb’s original work, titled ‘Park Life’ and used tools on Pixlr to horizontally flip the children so that they were facing the direction I intended them to. However, there are also ethical/copyright issues to consider here, as I am taking an aspect of someone else’s work and incorporating it into one of my images. Also the fact that they are children presents problems in itself, as detailed in last week’s peer review.

This image emphasises the concept of connection/disconnection that I described in last week’s draft and has an affect on the viewer that may resonate with them. This is due to the fact that in the modern world, people tend to be more focussed on their personal devices rather than taking notice of the view that is right in front of them. Taking on the feedback from last week’s peer review, I think it was a good suggestion to blur out the background using various tools on Pixlr. This will be incorporated into future drafts. As far as the text component, I’m still not sure as to what I want to put on this image, but it will inevitably become more clear in next week’s post.


For my second image, I’d like to focus on the same theme of connection/disconnection, but approach it from a different angle. I got the image of the three women on their phone from ‘Pexels’ which again, presents a copyright concern as someone else’s work will essentially become part of my manipulated image. I used the sharpen tool on each of the three women, so that they would stand out a bit more from the background. I also plan on blurring the brick wall in the background to place further prominence on the subjects in the image. I also layered the animation of the cord over the top of the original image and blurred the edges. The cord that fails to plug into its constituent, illustrates the disconnection of society and the focus people place on their phones, as the image suggests. It also represents a lack of interaction with the world around them. In terms of typography, I’m not sure how I want to go about it and again, this will be more clear in my final draft next week.



One thought on “Week 10 – Assessment 3”

  1. This theme of disconnection & isolation in your images is really being presented in a succinct and a way that is going to be easy perceived by audiences. I like your elements of tasteful digital editing and manipulation in these compositions as well. Have you given much thought to the text placement/ what the text will say to reinforce and compound your images? Also, are you using any original photos in these bodies of work? I was under the impression that the assessment required at least 1 original image in each or between the two pieces.
    All in all, it looks as though you have a more than stable grip on your concept, how to operate the editing program, & the ethical ramifications behind using/ appropriating other artists works.

    Best of luck, it seems to be coming along splendidly.


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