Week 9 – Assessment 3



Focussing on the above image, I’d like to address the topic of connection/disconnection and show how this has an affect on the individual’s level of interaction with their environment. In a time where everything is technology based and everyone has some sort of knowledge (whether it be basic or more in depth) of contemporary devices, people lose sight of what is right in front of them.

As a starting point, I’ve decided to place a grayscale filter over the original image, but may change this later on, depending on the following idea. In later drafts, I would like to layer an image of either a child, group of children, family (haven’t decided yet) all sitting in front of this view, but are too focussed on their own personal devices to take any notice of what they have in real life. I’ll see how it goes, but I’d like to photoshop the view that they are looking at onto the devices they are using so that it will emphasise my point.

I’d like to incorporate maybe one or two words onto the image, but I will have to think about what I want to convey and how I want to convey it over the next week when I post another draft.

In terms of theory, the overarching theme that I’d like to represent in both of my images is connection/disconnection (as mentioned above). As a secondary focus, I’d like to address the notion of ‘affect’ and ‘interactivity’ which will go hand in hand with the above theme. As I post more over the coming weeks, hopefully this will become more clear in my images.


One thought on “Week 9 – Assessment 3”

  1. Your decision to focus on disconnection/connection i believe will be imperative in conveying your message and creating an affect. The landscape background you have chosen juxtaposed with your intention of using children and families on their phones is interesting and clever. However, in order to give more salience to the figures perhaps using the blur tool on the greyscale background or the sharpen tool on the figures with their phones will encapsulate your idea that society is too dependent on their phones. In regards to your typography i agree with your decision to keep it short and only a few words as having a greyscale background and figures in colour may give the text wither it be in bold or not salience and there ill be too many elements to your piece. It also imperative to choose your figures carefully as having children in the shot will require consent but also will have a different significance than including older individuals.

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